Work @ Ramsey Solutions

From 2010 through 2020, I was employed as senior developer for The Lampo Group / Ramsey Solutions. I wrote some blog posts from time to time on the development team’s blog, which was shut down several years ago. I have mirrored them here. There may also be some posts that are personal reflections on my time spent as an employee, and some of the behaviors I view as abusive or contradictory as an organization professing the label of “Christian”.

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Comparing the Non-Disparagements of a “Christian” Workplace

Last week there was a large update in the court case of a woman who is engaged in a lawsuit against my former employer, Ramsey Solutions. There are on the order of 1,000 pages that were released of depositions and e-mail threads in documents 93 and 94 on the case. While reading through those, one thing I noticed was the evolution of the NDAs used

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Why Write About Lampo (dba Ramsey Solutions)?

I’ve been asked a handful of times why have I occasionally written about The Lampo Group LLC (d/b/a Ramsey Solutions)? Why use this space to talk about a previous employer? A quick disclaimer: views expressed below are my, Dan Watt’s, own. The domain name should make that obvious. I think the problem is the assumption that this was just an employer. Some on the outside,

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Righteous Living as a Corporate Value

We are nearing the end of the first wave of the COVID-19 shutdown. Tennessee is set to “re-open” at the end of this month, and people will start returning to work. This includes my team. This past month of working from home has afforded me the opportunity to clean up my home office / homeschool room / dumping ground, and I finally cleared some room

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Working for Ramsey Solutions – The First Week (2010)

I was going through Facebook, and noticed that i had a handful of old “Notes”. In an effort to keep blog-type stuff consolidated, I am moving some of those over here and off of Facebook. The last “Note” I wrote was about my first week’s experience at my current employer, Ramsey Solutions. This was originally posted 10/03/2010. A full week has gone by, and I

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Coldfusion 9 ORM, Caching and Autocommit

One more from the archives of the company dev blog, this time from August 2011. We have been gradually moving off of ColdFusion over the last several years, but maybe there is something in here that might be useful for someone. We have been using ColdFusion 9 for a few months now. With all new code that is developed, we have been abandoning <CFQUERY> in

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Performance of CFScript

This is another article from the retired company blog. This one is from September, 2011. I have been developing ColdFusion on and off for about 10 years, and one topic that has been controversial the entire time is CFScript. The arguments go back and forth: ‘It’s too slow’, ‘it’s not ColdFusion’, ‘It looks like Javascript, but isn’t’. On our team, the majority of our code

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Logging in To Salesforce from ColdFusion

Im continuing to clear out articles from the retired company development team blog. This one, was instrumental in getting me connected with one of my first big side work projects, which evolved into a two year project that helped us retire our mortgage. From August 2011: We have been working the last few months on an experiment with The code is some of our

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3 Ways to Become a Digital Lumberjack

Restored using the Wayback machine from: When we had our development team blog, our content team would edit our posts. This one was very different before it went in to copy editing, I had embellished the lumberjack metaphor a lot more than this, and they cut it back. Also, I took out the clickbait title. In EntreLeadership, Dave talks about catching people doing something right. In the

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Helping Team Members Move

Here is another post revived from the Wayback machine from our (discontinued) company blog from December 2011. One of the great things about working for Dave Ramsey at the Lampo Group is that they treat all team members equally well. This is especially true of the Web Development Team, which has its own flavor of generosity. One of the Web Development traditions is to help new team

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Limiting the Use of CAPTCHA

I used to blog periodically on my company’s blog. Earlier this year, the blog was taken down, and I needed to reference something I posted from 2012. I’ve restored the post using the Wayback machine here. The information is a little dated, but maybe it could be useful to someone. This post references the old reCAPTCHA system that Google used to verify book scans and

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