Visualizing The Nurses in an ICU

My wife is an ICU nurse. Specifically, she works in a Medical ICU, which at her hospital, is the primary unit responsible for taking care of COVID-19 patients. The Medical ICU staff has the training and experience that lines up with the symptoms exhibited by most COVID patients (they are used to taking care of extreme cases of flu, people with lung failure, pneumonia, etc). …

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The One Line Docker Change for UTF-8

At work we have been trying to ensure that all of our applications correctly support UTF-8. This includes making sure that our REST APIs can handle accented characters (ex: é) and emoji (🤔) when it makes sense to. This is somewhat complicated by the multiple database platforms we have (MSSQL, MySQL, and Postgres). MSSQL is fairly straight forward – it usually involves swapping the text …

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Switching from Essentials4J to Kotlin

At work we have a project that used Essentials4J, and its predecessor Rapidoid Fluent, to simplify some stream/collection APIs. We have been converting this project to Kotlin, and no longer need that library. The conversion was very simple. It highlights some of the things you can do with collections with Kotlin’s standard library. Do.group(…).by(…) Do.map(…).to(…) Do.map(…).to(…) with unique values d639a7ccf9252433

Sql Quickie: Find zipcodes near the center of a region

At work we have a copy of the zip-codes.com Business database, which I tend to reference somewhat frequently due to the nature of projects I work on. Today I needed a list of postal codes from major metro areas, which would be used to drive a test data generator. The data generator has access to a simpler, non-commercial zip code list, and can do radius …

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