Righteous Living as a Corporate Value

We are nearing the end of the first wave of the COVID-19 shutdown. Tennessee is set to "re-open" at the end of this month, and people will start returning to work. This includes my team.

This past month of working from home has afforded me the opportunity to clean up my home office / homeschool room / dumping ground, and I finally cleared some room on a bookshelf to house some items, namely my Lego Saturn V rocket, that I had taken to the office. I was out for a drive this afternoon while my wife slept in preparation for a night shift, so I stopped by the office to pick up the model and return it to its rightful place at home.

The two stairwells that span the six floors at the building are covered with the company's core values. Upon entering the stairwell that most people use at the center of the building, which takes you from the first floor to the second floor (just outside the "personalities suite"), the very first value they see is this one:

Ramsey Solutions is a company that sets forth Christian values, and because of this expects team members to adhere to those values. In EntreLeadership, it even states that team members who cheat on their spouse will be fired. (I've sometimes wondered about this, and I assume but have never asked that this is allowed due to Title VII exemptions from the EEOC.)

This sign and the second one like it - "Col 3:23 - We do our work as unto the Lord" (not pictured) - remind us that we all serve a higher purpose, and that our conduct at work (and as people of integrity, outside of work) should reflect that.


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