DJI Phantom 3 – DNG Raw

I recently picked up a DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quad / Drone / UAS. I ultimately would like to use it for some aerial photography, and am considering getting a FAA UAS license at some point, but for now I am just toying around with it. When I was researching the Phantom, one thing that caught my attention is that its camera can record images in RAW - specifically, Adobe DNG. I was able to find a few samples out there, and figured I would do a little part to contribute some samples of my own. Currently I have just two - one from almost 400ft, looking down, and one of a little fall color.

One observation - the DNGs are not compressed. They all weigh in right at around 23.78MB. Using the Adobe DNG Converter, I was able to compress them to about 14.5-14.8MB each. 7zip / lzma was able to pack the original DNGs down to about 13.5MB each.

Here are the Raws I have collected so far: Dropbox Folder.


 20161129-DJI_0010 Raw / Compressed Raw


20161129-DJI_0014 Raw / Compressed Raw

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