Vacation on a Budget – Part 4 – Recap and Lessons Learned

This is part 3 in a series about vacationing on a budget.


I’ve said it before, and will do so again – by budget I do not mean “cheap”, I mean “a plan” – on paper, on purpose, before the trip began.
There are many people who take far more expensive trips than we did, but our trip was far from being a “budget” trip.

Or budget for the entire trip was $2,400. We broke it down into the following categories, and ended up spending as follows:

Category Budgeted Actual
Lodging $1,200 $1,188.84
Vehcile $300 $339.23
Food, Groceries, Supplies $400 $588.98
Activities $500 $124.38
Total $2,400 $2,241.43

We ended up spending far less than we had planned on activities and sight seeing, bu spent a little more on our vehicle and quite a bit more
on food and groceries. However, we came in under our overall budget by almost $160, which we will carry over to our vacation next year.

A Few Lessons Learned

There are a few things that we could have done differently that would have saved us a little bit on this trip.

  1. We should have booked our hotel in Atlanta earlier. We stayed there for part of the Memorial Day weekend, and hotels filled up quite quickly. We could have saved about $25 / night if we had booked one day sooner.
  2. We could have brought some staples with us to save maybe $15 on groceries, including laundry detergent, ketchup, mustard, sugar, etc.

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