I have been going to old sites where I used to blog, and am trying to consolidate anything that may matter and bring it here before shutting down those services. I came across a site where I used to write, Pleonast, and realized I had not posted there in over 2 years, yet, I had some fairly good content there. So, it is here now.

I have started to write to my children recently. My oldest just turned four, so I am not expecting him to read anything I write for a while. I want to convey something to them about being a young parent, during a time in their lives when I was still cool. Maybe when they have kids of their own, they can avoid some of the mistakes, and maybe by my documenting them while hey happen, it might mean more than me having to recall it 20 years from now. That, and if for some reason I was not alive in 20 years, they would have something written to be able to look back on.

Most of my writing is exclusively for them and my wife. I know that my writing skills are not the greatest – I can work a lot better in Java, PHP, Ruby and the like than I can with the English language. When you combine these two factors, you will see that is why I do not write in my blog very frequently. Some of the messages I want to pass to my kids, however, might benefit a wider audience. So, in the near future I will open up some of those messages on here.

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