Server Migration, Once Again

It wasn't too long ago that I moved most of my sites over to Slicehost. It was a great service, and the price was far better than what I was paying before, and I got better service. But, new services come along, or at least we become aware of other services, and another move was in order., and all related sites such as our photography business have been moved to Linode. Linode's model is very similar to Slicehost's, only cheaper. It was kinda a no-brainer:

  Slicehost Linode
Memory 256MB 512MB
Disk 10GB 16GB
Transfer 150GB 200GB
Price $20/mo $20/mo

Linode also had a $100,000 giveaway, where the first 1000 new registrations would get a $100 credit to their account. I was able to get in at number 950.

So far I have been very pleased with the service. It seems faster, and my uptime monitor seems to concur with that assessment. It also marks a transition from Gentoo to Ubuntu, a huge change for a guy who has little time to tinker with learning Linux.

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