Well, our last wedding before our child’s birth is over with (we do have one in 1 month, but that would put the baby at 43 weeks). It was actually tamer and more, oh, meaningful, dignified, reverent? There was very little drinking compared to previous weddings, the guests all had fun, stress levels were low, and everything went off without any issues (except maybe a little rain, but that dropped the temp by 20 degrees, so it was actually quite a blessing).

The wedding we do next month will actually probably be our last for a while. We are going to change our business over to more family, children and engagement sessions and get away from weddings. As Silas gets older and another child is about to enter the scene, having both of us go to a wedding all day is becoming more and more of a hassle. Plus, for every hour we spend at a wedding I spend about 1.5 hrs at home in Photoshop / Bridge / Camera Raw, which really cuts into family time.

We do want to occasionally do weddings, but we want to be a bit pickier about who we do them for. What we are going to do is limit it to people who either know us directly or indirectly from a congregation or individual that we have worshiped in the past. As interesting as it is to experience how different religious groups differ on their ceremonies, we would prefer to work at more conservative weddings and not hang around at receptions for 4 hours with drunk strangers. We will not be publishing our prices, so if you are interested or know of someone who is interested in having us shoot their wedding, please just e-mail us.

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