I had an interesting reminder today that I still have a pleonast account, and that sometimes completely strangers will occasionally read what I say here (hello to new readers Tom, Doug, and Eli). So, here I am, back for a quick installment.

Tonight was an interesting night at our mid-week study. The teachers for the “junior” class were out, so one of our elders suggested that all of them in the class find another class to go to, with the implication of them going with their parents to class. Instead, I get to the “senior high” class, to find my three regulars plus something around 10 youngins. The material we teach is a bit more age appropriate, so instead of getting too deep into tonight’s lesson, I recapped the previous one for half the class. One day I need to talk about what we discussed last week, it was truly eye opening for many in the class, and was something I had only heard presented one time before.

It may have been a big surprise to have the class quadruple in size, but I did thank the elder for thrusting so many upon me – I had to think on my feet a bit more than usual, and that was good for my growth in the area of teaching (which I have recently identified as being one of my weakest strengths).

Tomorrow starts big weekend #2. First off, to STL for a Cardinal’s game with the entire Carfax Missouri office, then to Salem to drop Silas off, then to Jackson, MS for Shaun and Mary Frances’ wedding. Depending on how a few other things play out, we might be going to Memphis on Sunday and Monday as well.

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